5 Plastic Alternatives to Beautifying Your Kitchen Space

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Produce BagsSource: Crate & Barrel

Life’s a catwalk, and everyday’s a struggle — against plastics, that is. I have grown to become more and more displeased at the omnipresence of plastic products, not only because of the negative environmental impacts these things bring, but how little aesthetic value they actually possess. I doubt anyone who truly values the quality of life and style would choose to be surrounded by plastic products – they lack refined texture, beauty, and conscience. Let’s toss them away with no regret!

人生就像走貓步,每天都是無止盡的奮鬥 – 奮力得對抗塑膠的存在。重視環保議題的我,對於無所不在的塑膠用品簡直是忍無可忍,看到別人大肆的使用塑膠就會出現不恥與想教訓他人的衝動。不過我也願意承認,討厭塑膠也有大部份原因是因為我認為塑膠用品真的是太醜了。沒有質感沒有美感整個超沒愛心的,讓我們狠心的拋棄它吧!

Below are a few tips I use to reduce my use of plastic:


1. Produce bags / 蔬果網袋:

produce bagsSource: Food52.com

As a homemaker, I pretty much decide how much garbage this household produces and how we are going to live eco-consciously. One of the biggest challenges I faced was with grocery shopping. I have a few re-useable grocery bags, but what’s the point of using a re-useable bag if I am still putting my produce in those plastic produce bags? Thankfully, I recently discovered re-useable produce bags, and these are simply amazing to take out as they don’t require much space and are light as a feather. I also use them to store washed vegetables, leafy greens, and fruits in the fridge. The produce stores surprisingly well and stays fresh for quite many days. Looking for some nice looking produce bags? Check here, here, and here.


Produce bagsSource: Food52.com

2. Glass (or stainless steal) water bottles / 玻璃(或不鏽鋼) 水瓶:

Forget plastic bottled water. Drinking more water everyday would be healthier with a chic looking glass or stainless water bottle, and if you drink a lot of juices, you won’t need to worry about ingesting the harmful contaminants that leak from the plastic bottles after the plastic is exposed to fruits high in acid content.  Check out this, this, and this.


3. Glass (stainless steal) food containers / 玻璃(不鏽鋼)餐盒:

Food BoxCredit: Food 52

When I eat out on the weekends with my hubby, we usually bring our own food canisters or to-go containers just in case we bring any left overs home (my eyes are bigger than my stomach). In the name of being environmentally friendly, I feel perfectly justified for buying all sorts of re-useable containers; some of these are simply too pretty to pass up! You can buy them here, here and here.


4. Glass straws / 玻璃吸管:

Glass StrawsThe hubby is someone who loves drinking everything out of a straw. He used to go to ikea to buy packs and packs of straws for everytime he would drink anything. That used to kill me so much. I went on a hunt for alternative straws and found these beautiful glass straws on Amazon. They come in various sizes and lengths for different types of drinks – thick straws are for smoothies and boba drinks, thin straws are for just anything else thinner or without pulps. They are wonderful, and we simply can’t live without them now.

老公是個不管喝什麼都一定要用吸管的人,以前甚至都會去 Ikea 買那種大包吸管回家用,讓我非常抓狂。為了阻止這樣極度浪費的習慣,我在雅馬遜 (Amazon)上找到精緻實用的玻璃吸管。這些吸管針對不同飲品有不同的粗細; 用粗的吸管可以喝奶昔、冰沙、珍珠奶茶等,細的吸管用來喝其他口感較薄的飲品。扎實的玻璃材質完全不易碎,現在我們的生活裡沒有它都不行!

5. Bowl covers / 碗盤罩:

Go Chic and Green

 Source: Bowlovers.com

Ditch that plastic saran wrap and switch to linen or cotton bowl covers. They are 100% re-useable, washable, and totally cute. Find them here, here, and here.


There are many other ways to lead a fabulous and plastic free life. What are some of yours? Please share with us in the comment area below!


Be chic, be fashionable, be eco-conscious.



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  1. Meowfuzz
    December 10, 2014 at 10:34 pm (4 years ago)

    Love this fashionably green lifestyle!

  2. Alexis
    December 10, 2014 at 10:36 pm (4 years ago)

    I didn’t know there are so many “green products” that are practical and still so gorgeous! Thank you for all your recommendations – I love your blog!


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