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My friend and I stumbled into Macasa as we took an easy stroll in the French Concession neighborhood one sunny afternoon. At the end of a short pathway, we found ourselves at this cozy garden that resembles someone’s front yard.

某天下午我和朋友在淮海路散步, 經過了一家貌似人家家裡院子的地方, 好奇的走進去一看, 才發現是一家叫做 Macasa 的餐廳。可愛的庭院後面是大窗子式的房子, 讓人有到朋友家吃飯的溫馨感喔。

Macasa ShanghaiMacasa ShanghaiMacasa serves global western cuisine. The menu they offer is considerably small, but with a lot of playful personality, taking some of the most seemingly simple dishes and adding a personal touch to them. The tapas-styled dishes are also quite small in portions, so if you are looking to satisfy a hungry soul, you probably would have to order a lot.

Macasa 的菜色種類不多, 乍看之下並不覺得有什麼特別的地方, 不過吃過後就會發現, 這裡擅長的是將平時看似簡單的料理注入個人化的元素。餐點的份量不大, 所以如果你是大食怪… 只好多叫一些吧。Macasa Shanghai

Scrambled eggs isn’t typical anymore when you add truffles and chives to it. The idea is simple, but the silky outcome is pleasantly complex.

平凡的炒蛋加入了松露與香蔥以後, 變得不平凡了。看似簡單, 不過絲滑的口感和濃郁的香氣造就了這道菜的層次感。

Macasa ShanghaiTruffle fries / 松露薯條

Macasa Shanghai

Spa egg pasta / 溫泉蛋意麵

Macasa Shanghai

Lobster salad / 龍蝦沙拉

Macasa Shanghai

When I ordered these, I had in a mind a big juicy hamburger, so when the waiter brought over these mini sliders, I was pretty disappointed. The disappointment didn’t go away as I started digging in, as these burgers were not exactly warm, and they weren’t made with actual meat patties. I felt like I was dipping bread with meat sauce.

可能是我點菜的時候心裡想著 “再等一下就會有大塊肉的漢堡出現“, 所以這些迷你漢堡上菜時我真的有點小失望。吃了以後也覺得沒有改變失望的心情, 因為裡面非但沒有真正的牛肉, 溫度也冷冷的, 感覺比較像是吃了沾肉醬的麵包。

Macasa ShanghaiMacasa ShanghaiMacasa ShanghaiMacasa ShanghaiMacasa Shanghai

Despite the burger sliders, I really like this restaurant. The food and space are both pleasantly enjoyable.  I visited for lunch this time, but am definitely coming back for dinner sometime soon. Stay tuned for a dinner post for Macasa!

儘管不是很滿意迷你漢堡, 我還是很喜歡 Macasa 的空間以及其他菜色。這一次是午餐時間過來,不過我應該很快就會回來這裡試試他們的晚餐。到時候再與你們分享喔!

Address: 1690 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Hunan Lu)
Tel: 21.5456.1214
Hours: 9pm – 11pm
Price: Average 170 rmb / person for lunch/brunch
地址: 淮海中路 1690 號 (靠近湖南路)
營業時間: 9pm – 11pm
價位:早午餐平均每人 170 人民幣





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