Style Guide: 7 Winter Don’ts

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Winter Fashion Top Don'ts

Winter is my favorite time of the year, mainly because I love winter fashion more than that of any other seasons. However, despite how much fun winter fashion can be, there is still a list of rules I play by, because from my personal experience, the verdict is always guilty in the crime of fashion.


Winter Fashion Don'ts

Cold weather pieces like sweaters, stockings and gloves are essential for keeping warm in the winter. 3D nail art makes it easy to rip delicate materials such as wool and cashmere, and it can ruin a perfectly new pair of stockings. It gets expensive when you have to replace those ripped goods on top of the pricey 3D nail art you paid for.

Winter Fashion Don'ts[NCLA nail wraps]

INSTEAD, I personally prefer nail wraps if I want something more fun and creative than a basic nail design. I buy them at NCLA and I seriously love them so much. There is a big variety of beautiful designs to choose from, and the quality is really good. For a lazy gal like me, nail wraps are my good good friends.


Winter Fashion Don'ts
Photo credit: Paul Caudell via Flickr

[matte lipsticks in bright colors]

For some of us, winter time means dry and chappy lips. Try to stay away from matte lipsticks as those are drier in nature and contain very few moisturizing elements in order to keep the shine effect down. They can make your lips appear drier than they already are, or even make the dead skin and lines on your lips stand out more.

Winter Fashion Don'ts

[hydrating sheer lipstick]

INSTEAD, to maintain juicy and kissable lips, try using hydrating lipsticks like CHANEL ROUGE COCO SHINE Hydrating Sheer Lipsticks. Its water-light texture can make your lips look luscious without even applying any lip balm first.

3. DON’T WEAR STOCKINGS WITH PEEP-TOE PUMPS. I am all for outside-the-box ideas for a creative and fun style, but I doubt any shoe designers ever thought “let me design a pair of peep-toe pumps so women all over the world can show off their stockings”. What if you opt for nude tights? In my opinion, If you have nylon stretching across your toes, you are in for a fashion crime.

INSTEAD, choose a pair of closed-toe booties or chic pumps, they will never go wrong with stockings.

4. DON’T GO TO BED WITHOUT MOISTURIZING YOUR LIPS. You’d be surprised how much time women spend on moisturizing their faces and bodies, but neglect their lips. These beautiful lips need some love and attention too.

INSTEAD, always apply a layer of thick petroleum-based lip balm, or simply put on a coat of coconut oil or olive oil before bed.


Winter Fashion Dont's

[macarons in a box]

Just because you get to cover yourself up with layers and layers of winter clothes doesn’t mean you should stuff your face without a care in the world. The worst way to welcome spring is with open arms… that are all flabs and chubs!

Winter Fashion Don'ts[the 21-day CLEAN program]

INSTEAD, if you just couldn’t resist those holiday dishes, go on a cleanse after the holidays to shed some extra pounds and reboot your system. I recommend the CLEAN Program. However, I still find it most effective to balance my overall meals – if I over ate today, I will eat less tomorrow – the same rule applies for any seasons.


Winter Fashion Dont's
Photo credit: cliff1066™ via Flickr

[Fennec Fox]

It’s inhumane, unenvironmental (a lot of these animals play a crucial ecological role), and not even THAT MUCH more beautiful than faux fur. There are cute little furry things being skinned alive and tossed aside to die in agony in the process of making these seemingly fabulous fashion items. Fashion is spectacular but not at the expense of other living beings.

INSTEAD, wear faux fur if you absolutely cannot resist a little fuzzy fur in the winter.


Winter Fashion Dont'sPhoto credit: FoundryParkInn via Flickr

[take care of your feet during winter time]

Out of sight shouldn’t always mean out of mind. Not taking care of your feet with ample amount of moisturizer will lead to cracked skin particularly on the heels. It will be too late once you start paying attention to them when spring comes. Just imagine how painful it would be to watch newly arrived slingback sandals in the stores and not be able to wear them!

INSTEAD, always moisturize and try to put on socks at all time. It’s also good to keep warm overall for blood circulation.

What are some of the things on your list of winter-don’t-do?

Share with us in the comment section!

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